In order to help you grow your business, our carefully selected experts can advise you in in the following areas:


With a combined experience of over 15 years in the outbound sales industry we truly understand the importance of customer acquisition and how to go about it. Continuously improving our processes with focus on quality, it allows us to maintain the cutting edge in the outbound space and continuously aim to meet standard requirements.


A sale is a journey that the prospect is taken on from the beginning to the end that paints a clear picture of what they are acquiring as a service that would add value to the needs of their business. Here at OZHQ we thrive on ensuring that the prospect is investing deeply in a structure if followed to a tee that is parallel to no other.


The single most valuable life support to any business is their loyal customer base they could rely on. We understand that exactly and always let the customer feel that way too by placing them first.


We invest heavily in resources that allow us to maintain a businesses back bone by ensuring they have full peace of mind and support when outsourcing their back office requirements.


Suitable for both small and large scale operations that are looking for simplicity, flexibility and reliability with a bonus being reduction in overhead costs without sacrificing the quality aspect. We cater for a complete package that enables any business to successfully meet any and all requirements.


With sate of the art technology and ongoing development of resources and infrastructure, we provide a seat lease facility that caters for any aspect of the business. From outbound to non-voice online support we offer a seamless plug and play service


Looking to grow your team or gain specialized external support for project based requirements? At OZHQ we offer you the full control to Hire, Train and Maintain your support team without the hassle of having to spend extensive resources or funds to do so. You will have full control over the tasks and responsibilities of your resources just as you would in your business leaving all the logistics for us to handle freeing up your time to focus on the more important aspects.

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Our Lead Generation Process

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